Egging in Weston Causes $800 in damages

At around 3:15 on the morning of June 5th, 2018, an Opal Creek security guard, whom wished to be cited anonymously, states that he saw and engaged with a Red Honda Accord. The car, he claims, was piled with teens who he believes are responsible for the crime committed to the Azhar residence. Multiple eggs were thrown at Azhar’s vehicle, and a banana was found clogged in the rear pipe of his Blue Honda Civic.

“The driver in the vehicle acted convincingly as a Postmates worker,” the Opal Creek Security guard said. “They seemed like decent, well-mannered kids. We spoke for a few minutes, the driver handed me his Postmates referral code, flashed his I.D., and I let them in, not at all thinking that I would wake up regretting the approval.”

Azhar’s oldest son seems to be the individual of intent of the “pranks”, as it was his car that was targeted. Azhar’s tailpipe saw it’s combustion gas chambers burst, and it’s engine waver for several minutes until it completely shut down.

At the present time, authorities are actively searching through surveillance, tips, and eye witnesses to identify the individuals responsible. This incident appears to be connected with the events that transpired in Wellington, Florida, last week, but confirmation has not been announced.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at at 954-431-2200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-471-TIPS (8477).


From Jail to Hollywood?

Former NFL running back OJ Simpson is looking forward to his release from a Nevada jail. But he now has more things to look forward to, as rumors have sparked that Simpson could make it back to fame. Producers are already predicting his comeback as the producer from the short film The Lemon Twist, which starred Simpson, said, “He definitely enjoys being in the spot light.” Speculation has been going on since last year, as rumors said that Simpson would star in a reality show with Casey Anthony who was acquitted for the murder of her young daughter. Simpson has been a topic of discussion lately as ESPN and FX have produced series of the dramatic court case where Simpson was acquitted of murder.


Crowd Favorite Bella Hadid Returns to the Victoria Secret Runway

After an explosive onstage meet-up with ex, Abel Tesfaye aka The Weeknd, during the 2016 Victoria Secret Fashion Show, Bella Hadid has made the decision to return to this year’s runway.

She announced her excitement for the mid-November event on her Instagram profile while modeling a grey bra from the brand and garnered over 1.1 million likes and 7,000 comments on her post.

“I feel so crazy humbled to get the opportunity to be a part of this show again,” Hadid’s post read. “Walking into the offices this year, I felt so happy, healthy, and honored.”

Sister, Gigi Hadid, and friend, Kendyl Jenner, have yet to confirm their status as angels, although they have walked in the show for the past 3 and 2 years respectively.

The show will be televised in early December.