Lawmakers respond to Las Vegas

Many were shocked and horrified at the large shooting that recently occurred in Las Vegas. Lawmakers are no exception. One on side, some believe it is too early to make any decisive call in response to the attacks, or that politicizing the tragedy is morally reprehensible. This response is mostly seen from right-wing groups and people. The White House is included in this group, as they issued a statement saying that, while they are keeping victims and their families in their prayers, it is too soon to talk about gun limits or other kinds of policy responses.

On the other side, many from the left side of the aisle are using the tragedy to call for action on gun control. They believe that this action is one that has been repeated throughout history, and that it cannot be allowed to continue. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and Senator Kamala Harris are two that have emphasized the need for gun control following this event, stating that these tragedies have happened too often to respond with inaction.

Image Credits: ABC News


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