National anthem protests surge

There has recently been an upsurge of public protests during the national anthem where people, most noticeably NFL players, kneel as the anthem is sung. This issue first became prevalent when Colin Kaepernick began doing it, receiving much criticism in the process. Now, it other players from various teams have followed his lead. These protests increased exponentially after Donald Trump made derogatory comments towards those that had been kneeling, which upset people and players alike.

Critics of the protests argue that it kneeling during the anthem is an act of disrespect towards the flag, the anthem, the soldiers that fight for this country, and everything that the United States of America stands for. Supporters claim that the protest is not meant to demean the flag or the soldiers. Instead, it is a call for attention, a reminder to the country that, taking into account racism in America and matters such as police brutality, this country is not equally free for everyone. It is, they say, a plea to make this country great for all of its people.

Image credits: Sports Illustrated


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