Trump Terminates DACA but Allows Congress Opportunity to Revise

President Donald Trump ended the DACA Program which provides benefits and allows the children of illegal immigrants to obtain government benefits. The Program contains approximately 800,000 people since the program has existed. Not only does the program give benefits to these children, but it has given them a life in the US. Enrollees in the program have started careers, gone to college, and have built lives in the US.

The program has received support from moderate republicans and almost every democrat in congress. Congress will now have six months to devise a new program and send it to the President.

President Trump assured the enrollees that he would protect their status in a tweet, “You have nothing to worry about – No action!” According to sources, President Trump was asked to tweet this by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).


Published by

Franco Luis

Senior at Christopher Columbus High School. CEO and Chief Political Writer of Newscope and political writer for CCNN Live.

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