Football is Back! Predictions for Week 1’s Ranked Games


University of Michigan (11) VS. University of Florida (17), Saturday, 3:30 PM ET

Prediction: Although Michigan has lost some great players to the draft, Florida will be without their star Wide Receiver, Antonio Callaway. Florida also suspended nine other players, including their leading running back. Florida has yet to name a starting quarterback, so without any key players on offense one has to wonder how Florida could win this game. On the other hand, Michigan has earned it’s prestigious reputation back as a college football powerhouse by targeting and signing star recruits. I am predicting that Michigan will win this game.

Florida State University (3) VS. University of Alabama (1), Saturday, 8:00 PM ET

Prediction: Both teams are expected to be playoff contenders this season, win or lose. Alabama has 11 players from last years team returning to the field. A team that came within seconds of winning a national championship. With an improving sophomore quarterback, Jalen Hurts, Alabama’s offense could have a chance to stare down the ruthless Florida State defense. However, Florida State has 15 returning players. One of which is Sophomore Quarterback Deandre Francois. Francois is a rising star in college football and is expected to have a great season. This isn’t a battle over which team is worse, rather a battle over which team is better. Although Alabama’s talent is worthy of a championship team, I’m expecting Florida State to come out victorious Saturday by a slim margin.

West Virginia University (22) VS Virginia Tech (21), Sunday, 7:30 PM ET

Prediction: West Virginia comes out with an automatic advantage in this game as their new transfer Quarterback Will Grier, is expected to do well this season. He played six games at the University of Florida before being suspended for drug use. During those six games Grier put up some good numbers and proved to be productive. Running Back Justin Crawford, senior, is expected to have a great season and will prove to be a threat to Virginia Tech. On the other hand, Virginia Tech will be starting red shirt freshman quarterback, Josh Jackson. Virginia Tech won’t be expected to put up spectacular offensive numbers this season due to Jackson’s inexperience. However, the game will be close, but I’m predicting that West Virginia will be able to pick up a victory.


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Senior at Christopher Columbus High School. CEO and Chief Political Writer of Newscope and political writer for CCNN Live.

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