Christie and Cruz have Harsh Words for One Another

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), had some harsh words for Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ). 
In 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck the northeast of the United States and damaged homes across the coasts of New Jersey and New York. 
Senator Cruz and his Texas republicans, opposed a bill that would have brought resources to families in the affected areas. Senator Cruz did not vote for the Sandy Relief Bill because he claimed that two-thirds of the money would’ve been wasted on unecessary causes. 
Now that Hurricane Harvey struck Texas, Governor Christie criticized Cruz for, “exploiting the disaster for political gain.”
Cruz then responded by saying, “I’m sorry that there are politicians who seem really desperate to get their names in the news and are saying whatever they need to do that.”


Published by

Franco Luis

Senior at Christopher Columbus High School. CEO and Chief Political Writer of Newscope and political writer for CCNN Live.

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