Alleged Racist Joe Arpaio Pardoned by President Trump

Former Arizona Sheriff, Joe Arpaio, was pardoned by President Donald Trump in the late hours of Friday, August 25th 2017.

The first pardon of the Trump presidency ultimately nullified Arpaio’s past criminal contempt conviction for detaining those he suspected of illegal immigration without proper knowledge as to whether they had actually illegally immigrated to the United States or not.

Both sides of the aisle are surprised by the quickly conducted, controversial act but say that it is completely legal and sends a rather strong message about Trump’s stance on immigration.

This development also follows the Laguna Beach “America First!” rally against illegal immigration that sparked aggression between protesters and counter-protesters last weekend, making US immigration one of the most discussed topics of the past week worldwide.


One thought on “Alleged Racist Joe Arpaio Pardoned by President Trump”

  1. Love it! Every word is so true. I always tell me husband that I wish there were 2 of me, because no one else can do what I do everyday. Circumstance has changed me drastically, from what I was just 3 years ago – but I definitely think we become better and stronger people because of it. Any place that hires you will realize that they hit the jackpot Good Luck!

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